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In the Fall of 2015, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia initiated the “Called by Name” vocation initiative.  To follow up on that, we are reinstating the program this Fall and pursuing it with renewed vigor. Simply put, the program invites Catholic men, aged 16 to 45, to consider a vocation to the priesthood.

There are many good prospective priests who are simply waiting to be asked!  Research from CARA indicates that 82 percent of priests were encouraged to consider their vocation by four separate people on average – very often their fellow parishioners!  Because of this, we are asking parishioners throughout the Archdiocese to consider which of the Catholic men in the pews beside them may say “yes” to their vocation!

Parish Involvement:

Every parish in the Archdiocese is encouraged to appoint a Parish Vocation Coordinator (PVC).  These individuals will work with their pastors to cooperate with the Vocation Office for the Diocesan Priesthood, and along with the parish administrative staff, will use parish bulletins to communicate vocation events and discernment opportunities.  Further, PVCs will be a point of contact to funnel questions and ideas back to the Vocation Office.

There is also organization at the deanery level, permitting parishes in a similar geographical area to meet and bring potential candidates together at St. Andrews dinners and other events.  Each deanery will have its own coordinator who will communicate directly with the Vocation Director, Fr. Stephen DeLacy.

The point of this organizational structure is to maintain and foster a culture of vocations within each parish while providing support to the pastors who tend to their congregations.  The appointed PVCs will receive training from the Vocation Office in the beginning of August to review expectations and opportunities, particularly for the November drive for candidate submissions.


The Vocation Office hopes to generate numerous names from across the Archdiocese.  Once these names are submitted by the parishes, the men will receive invitations to discernment events such as Come and See weekends.  There, they will learn about the priesthood, be able to ask questions about the discernment process, and explore their potential vocation.

Register as a PVC


RSVP for the PVC Training

There is no cost for the training session.  Each event will take approximately two hours, and will include program materials for the PVCs and pastors to review.  There will be snacks and refreshment available for attendees.

Mass will be held at 8:30AM at the Immaculate Conception Chapel on Saturday, August 18.

There are two workshops available to choose from.  Both will cover the same materials, so it is only necessary for a PVC or Pastor to attend one of the two sessions.

Candidate Form

Called by Name is specifically designed to introduce more men to the idea of discerning the priesthood. If you know someone already who might be a great fit for this and think we should contact them, please fill out their information below! It's always best to let the person know that you're giving us their name, so they're already considering the idea before we say hello!
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