Day 1 of Biking for Vocations 2021!

Day 1 of Biking for Vocations is in the books! Special Guest Bishop McIntyre joined the Interior Route. Their first stop was St. Katherine Drexel, Chester, where they were joined by the Missionaries of Charity Sisters for Midday Prayer, and then headed to St. George in Glenolden, Fr. DeLacy's home parish. The day ended with Evening Prayer and a Q&A panel at Epiphany of Our Lord in South Philly. The Perimeter Route biked from the Seminary to St. Rocco in Avondale, and then headed to St. Agnes, West Chester for a Holy Hour with the parish and Catholic Young Adults of Chester County. What better way to end a long day of biking than to rest with our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. Stay tuned today as the adventure continues! We’ll be going live on Facebook (@PhillyPriest) every morning and evening.


Here are some photos from Day 1:


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