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Featured Question:

What is a Vocation?

With Fr. Chris Walsh

It is hard to discern without the right information. Here are some videos to answer commonly asked questions when God places the Priesthood on your heart.

What is Discernment?

With Fr. Tom Viviano

What does a Priest Do?

With Fr. Tom Whittingham

What is Celibacy?

With Fr. Sean Loomis

More Answer Videos coming soon including: Fr. Louis Bellopede, Fr. Chris Moroconi, Fr. Tom Gardner, Fr. Chris Rogers, and more!

Featured Question:

What if i have excessive student loans?

Learn about the Laboure Society and contact Fr. DeLacy.

Featured Question:

Why do you love being a Priest?

With Fr. Chris Cooke

Do Priests have fun?

With Fr. Smith

CAn it be a mistake to Enter seminary?

With Bishop Ned Shlesinger

How do I hear God's Voice?

With Fr. Anthony Janton

How Do I pray for God's Will?

With Fr. Chris Cooke

How do I pray with Scripture

With Fr. Dave Friel

What's Your Favorite Memory as a Priest?

With Fr. Dave Friel

Will you heed the call?

Contact Father DeLacy | Vocation Director

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