To listen to how God called each of these men,
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Theology IV

Deacon Andrew Auletta
Deacon Sang  Woo Chi
Deacon Henry Graebe
Deacon Andrew Lane
Deacon Ryan Nyugen
Deacon Roneld Saint Louis

Theology III

Anthony Albanese
Shane Flanagan
Randall Kraft
Phong  Le
John Okpara
Kenneth Omeke
Wesly Taveras Medina

Theology II

Joseph Bui
Juan Pablo Builes
Philip Chueng
Bernard Ekeagwu
Max McGallagher
Gregory Miller
Jacob Sanz
Brendan Zehner

Theology I

Robert Bollinger
Chike Egbufoama
Jude Opara
Patrick Thorp
Edward Town
Br. Richard Withers

Spiritual Year

Kenn Bui
Bernard Faia
Mickey Fairorth
John McCabe
Matthew Pace
Andrew Pinto
Przemyslaw Rozestwinski
Zachary Shepardson
Michael Topley


Kristhian Guillen-Rauda

Pre-Theology II

Allen Blehl
Charles Cappelli
Alexander Cross
Peter Nyugen

College IV

Royer Brito
Thomas Cipolla
Declan Cole
Dominic Mirenda
Griffen Schlaepfer

College III

Paul Boyer
Mark Gomba
Robert Hutz
Daniel Monastra
Adrian Alejandro Munoz
Brandon Schmidt

College II

Camilo Abedrop-Escobosa
Luke Baran
Emanuel Cano
Peter Wilder
Theodore Zielinski

College I

Jack Brosius
Garrett Knowles
Jeann Ortiz
Nicholas Schell

Peter Stauffer

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