Are you being called?

It is hard to discern without the right information.
This website is a resource to help you in your journey to the priesthood. What does a priest do? Is it what God wants me to do? How do I become a priest? Find these answers and many more here at Heed the Call.



In June, Pope Francis advanced the sainthood cause of Father Augustus Tolton, who was the first African American diocesan priest in the United States. Venerable Fr. Tolton, a former slave, was ordained in 1886 and is known for persevering against all odds in pursuit of his calling. He quietly devoted himself to his people, despite great difficulties and setbacks.

Meet Our Seminarians

Meet the Philadelphia seminarians! Scroll through this year's poster and watch as each seminarian tells his unique vocation story.

Power of the Priesthood

Compassion, understanding, and empathy characterize the ministry of Fr. Douglas McKay, priest for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Are you being called?

Do you have questions about the priesthood or just want to learn more about what being a priest is like?
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