Babylonian Exile Reflection

After consistently neglecting worship and God’s commandments, the Israelites lose their greatest gifts from God and are forced into exile by the Babylonians. The Babylonians tried to make them forget their identity and become absorbed in the pagan culture, but the Israelites clung to faith and rooted themselves in their identity in a deeper way. This chapter of salvation history deeply relates to our present day. We invite you to listen and learn in the latest reflection video from Father DeLacy.

We invite you to prayerfully ponder these reflection questions:

  1. There are cultural forces that would like to take us away from God. We have the challenge posed to us: do we allow ourselves to be absorbed into the general culture, or do we decide to be counter-cultural, clinging to divine revelation and our relationship with God, and maintaining all the gifts God has given us?

  2. If we have been drawn into the general culture, how can we be like the Israelites and regain our faithfulness after we have fallen?

  3. Do we recognize the imperative of our own faithfulness so that we can be instruments of God’s love and revelation in a world that so desperately needs it? How can we be counter-cultural and bring God’s love and revelation to others?

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