Breaking the Chains | Jim Wahlberg's Journey to Faith

"For us, you are a reflection of Jesus" Jim Wahlberg states in a moment of profound gratitude for the gift of the Priesthood in his life.   Breaking the Chains is a film about Jim Wahlberg's journey to faith and the integral role of Father James Fratus, the Priest Chaplain stationed at the prison where Jim was incarcerated in. "We need good young men to build up that respect again." Jim says while pondering the future of the Catholic Church.


  • Frassati's Speech to Catholic Youth
    Ordination of Priests
    The Priest is a mediator between God and Man
    The Power of the Priesthood:
    Msgr. Frank Depman
    The Power of Priesthood:
    Fr. Doug McKay
  • Heed the Call
    My Son, The Priest
  • Called By Name: Jose Serrano (English)
    Called By Name: Jose Serrano (Español)
    Fishers of Men
  • MY Priest
    Alive: Philly Vocations

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