Reflection on King Cyrus

King Cyrus of Persia’s inclusion in the Old Testament, particularly in Isaiah chapters 41 and 45, speaks to how God works in our lives today. The prophet Isaiah saw how God worked through King Cyrus, even though King Cyrus didn’t necessarily recognize it. In our own lives, God works for our good through the experiences and the people in our lives, even when we don’t recognize it. We invite you to reflect on this deeper with Father Sean Bransfield, Parochial Vicar at St. Matthias Parish and Vice Chancellor and Assistant to the Vicar for Clergy.

“Just as God was working through someone who didn’t necessarily know him, so too in our own lives and our own vocations, we can look back and see how God is working through the people and the circumstances of our lives even though we don’t necessarily know it. But it’s all part of God’s plan, drawing us closer to Himself.”

We invite you to prayerfully ponder these reflection questions:

  1. What are some experiences in your life that, although you didn’t realize it at the time, God was using to work out your good?

  2. Ask God to show you how He is using the people and circumstances in your life right now. Thank Him for all His graces, past, present and future.  

  3. How is God using you to speak to others? How is God’s grace at work in the hearts and lives of others through their interaction with you? Ask God to help you be open to his grace, so you can be an even greater instrument of His love and mercy.

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