Queen Esther Reflection

“Perhaps it is for such a time as this that you are being called.” 

Kristi Bushner says the Book of Esther is, “one of the most dramatic and interesting short works of the Bible.” We invite you to reflect with her on this story, as she offers insights into our vocation, prayerful preparation, and living as authentic Catholics during a time when doing so is counter-cultural. Bushner is an Adjunct Faculty Professor in the Department of Theology at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.

We invite you to prayerfully ponder these reflection questions:

  1. How does the story of Queen Esther relate to you? Ask God to show you. How is God speaking to you through the characters, words and setting? 

  2. “Perhaps it is for a time such as this that you are being called,” Bushner stated. Out of love, Jesus created you and gave you a purpose only you can complete. What is the purpose God has for you? Ask Him to show you.

  3. Before entering into the task of saving her people, Esther enters into intense prayer, and asks others to pray on her behalf. Ask God how He wants you to enter into prayerful preparation for the tasks He wants you to complete.

Are you being called?

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