Bulletin and Pulpit Announcements

Bulletin and pulpit announcements are a great way to get the attention of all parishioners.  We have designed a few announcements that are intended to quickly capture the attention of both parents and potential participants and spark their interest in registering for Quo Vadis.  You may also create your own announcements based on what you see in these documents.  

Within the attached sample announcement pages, you will also find a sample prayer that can be used during the prayer of the faithful as your parish prepares to send it’s young men to this great camp. 

Additionally, if feasible, we also suggest having a past participant from your parish speak to the congregation before or after Mass to give a personal witness on their Quo Vadis experience. 


Click on the button below to download a Word Document containing these announcements and prayer.  For any questions, please contact Jillian Minnich, Program Coordinator, at 610-667-5778 or jminnich@archphila.org

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